Friday, June 24, 2011

Download Anime Software

Download Anime

Anime Software. Have you ever had from the first kepengen own anime characters?

Well now you can make your own anime character with software made ​​by K. Hmix Anime Character! Can you make it at will, consisting of: hair style, facial expression, clothing, style, other accessories, and many more.

Although the Japanese language software, do not be afraid to try and explore this software. make a cute anime as possible. How to-life really easy and not difficult.

You can download it here: K. Hmix Anime Character

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Free Download Ccleaner 2011

CCleaner version 3.05.1408

This time I will share challenge Free Download CCleaner Latest 2011 which is a software or program to clean computers, laptops or software that is already attached to or installed on your computer. New CCleaner CCleaner version 3.05.1408 is the latest 2011.

CCleaner is the most widely used software to clean Windows PC, but because of the relatively small size also is freeware or free. CCleaner Protect your online privacy and make your computer faster and more aman.h

CCleaner has a simple interface, easy to use and fast. With this latest CCleaner is needed is to select an option click on some option buttons you can set yourself and let CCleaner do optimization on your windows.

Download Keylogger Full Free


Keylogger is a hacking program that works to record keyboard typed, all computer activity in the media in the form of text and images (screenshots). The average program will be a stealth mode so that computer users can not recognize whether the computer was fitted with a keylogger or not. Next thing I know all the data he had entered into a computer is known by someone else who is none other than the installer program.

Step-by-step installation latest keylogger is as follows:
Download first program Blazing Tools Perfect Keylogger v1.7.5.0 through the link below. Install like installing programs that other applications (I'm sure you'll be able to) Completed installed please right click the program tray icon in Windows taskbar and select Options

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Nokia N9 With MeeGo OS

Nokia N9 With MeeGo OS
In the event Nokia Connection 2011 event which is part of CommunicAsia 2011, Nokia introduced several new mobile phone series, one of which is the phone that often became a byword in various forums, namely the Nokia N9. Nokia N9 Nokia claimed as a mobile phone with touch screen 'pure'. Pure in this case referring to the absence of all buttons, including the navigation key or the call-end call buttons are always equip a touch screen phone.

Nokia's first smart phone operating system based MeeGo brings a beautiful design and elegant with cheerful color choices. Nokia call it a design that combines function and art in a telecommunications product. Nokia N9 Nokia claimed a phone that will make all functions to be more simple, although the entire operation of the phone is fully dependent on the touch screen. All activities in Nokia N9 paced using a 'swipe' which is a sliding motion with the fingertips to the screen to get to the homescreen when you're using the application. Nokia N9 provides 3 homescreen that can accommodate a variety of applications as well as important and commonly used features such as social media, email, etc..

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Sega Conceded

Sega Pass
After Sony experiencing serious problems related to information security today on the Playstation Network and customer service is successfully broken Qriocity cyber criminals. Now, a similar case also happened to Sega.

Customer data on the site Sega Sega Pass successfully stolen by cyber criminals. Database that was stolen from Sega Pass website, containing information on, user name, date of birth, email, and password are encrypted.

However, the Sega hopes that residents remain calm and ask that you immediately change your password and email combination on a computer that is often used to open Sega Pass. This was done to avoid the theft of other user accounts.

In his letter, Sega re-emphasized that the passwords are stored in a site not just be text, but is encrypted. It also stressed that the payment information does not get involved in this burglary.

After the events of this burglary, Sega commemorate its customers to be careful with possible shipment suspicious emails that may appear on the account emailpengguna. Therefore, the breaker, the might send customers emails that ask them to provide personal information. Of course, use the email addresses of customers who managed to Sega they collapse.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Download Mozilla Firefox 4

Mozilla Firefox 4

Mozilla Firefox is an independent web browser that offers tabbed browsing combined with a variety of handy features like popup blocking, Live Bookmarks (RSS integration), password manager and more. The function can be expanded with dozens of freely available plug-ins (Extensions).

Firefox can import all your Internet Explorer Favorites as well as several other settings, so switching is made easy. The default features of Firefox are good for general web surfing. An abundant collection of freely available extensions (add-ons) allow you to easily add the features you want and customize the browser to suit your needs. Other features include an integrated spell checking, interface improvements, improved RSS features, and integrated anti-phishing. Firefox 4 offers many changes from previous versions, supports new web technologies, enhance performance and ease of use.

Download K-Lite Codec Pack (Full) 7.10

K-Lite Codec Pack

K-Lite Codec Pack (Full) includes 99% of all audio and video codecs you need. Just install this package, and you will be able to play almost any media file out there. It includes DivX, Xvid, x264, MPEG 1 / 2, MP3, Monkey `s Audio, Media Player Classic, On2 V6/V7 and many others. The installer that lets you choose the codec to install, or you can use the default profile which installs all of them. K-Lite Codec Pack also provides access to configuration options for each codec whenever available.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Preview Symbian Anna

Symbian Anna

The two smartphones are released on the London Nokia Event: Nokia X7 and Nokia E6 are both running the latest Symbian. Symbian Anna platform or PR2.0 Anna.

The main feature of Symbian Anna include faster browser, improved text input, change icons and the newest version of Ovi Maps. It also added a QWERTY input either in portrait mode or split-screen. Split-screen will be useful when you enter text can still see what you are typing. Android honeycomb

There are also additional Photo Gallery and the Microsoft Communicator Mobile that will be very useful for business users who require ease in receiving and sending messages.

Similarly, in the present article is titled : Preview Symbian Anna

Download Yahoo! Messenger 10

Yahoo! Messenger 10
Already tired of the same YM version 9 beta? YM now the developer has released a new IM and popularly known as Yahoo! Messenger 10.

Already tired of the same name YM 9 Beta. Now it's time to switch to True not true aka Final beta anymore. Please download the Yahoo! Messenger 10 Final Edition here. Download the offline installer file 14.8MB yes, let me not tired tired must install online. Latest Update for the Final version 10 please download via the link below: Download Yahoo! Messenger 10

Download Android Honeycomb

 Android Honeycomb

There is new news about the Android platform. After the success of Android version Cupcake, Eclair, Froyo and emerging Android 3.0 Gingerbread, it seems that Android is preparing yet another Android is expected to named Honeycomb.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Tips Eliminate Windows XP Activation Code

Windows XP Activation Code

When we Install Windows XP Operating System either Home Edition or Professional Version on CD originally, it is usually not required serial number. But unfortunately, if this option is that you do so for the first time if you run the operating system periodically reminder window will appear which is represented with a tray icon in the lower right corner.

Similarly, if we install multiple computers using the same installer CD, then everything else will pop-up reminders for these mengkativasi windows xp. Besides mengganngu course will cost money to process it?

High Paying Google Adsense Keywords 2011

High Paying Keywords

High Paying Keywords List Updated

97.44 domains yahoo
79.81 domain name yahoo
68.91 dc hair laser removal washington
66.15 law lemon wisconsin
51.14 hair removal washington dc
41.97 domain registration yahoo
40.36 benchmark lending
38.05 domain yahoo
37.86 yahoo web hosting
37.29 hair laser removal virginia

5 Steps to Increase Google Adsense Revenue

Google Adsense revenue

Do you want to increase your Adsense revenue? If so, I can say little more info and simple tips to improve Google Adsense revenue.

But the first thing you need to understand is, that your income will not increase overnight or within a few days, it will take some time, To get the most work needed on a regular basis.
How to Increase Google Adsense Revenue

Free Download Internet Explorer 10

Internet Explorer 10

Not yet a year with Internet Explorer 9, is now developing into the latest version of Internet Explorer Platform Preview 1 10 has been released 2 months ago, that is exactly 12 April 2011.

Because Internet Explorer is still perceived less satisfactory earlier and some features are incomplete, so some may change, and some can be added.

So the Internet Explorer Platform Preview 1 10 is the first public preview of Internet Explorer web platform 10. In this release, the developers will show that Internet Explorer 10 was Flexbox It supports CSS3, CSS3 Grid Alignment, CSS3 Multi-column, gradient CSS3 background-image and ECM AScript5 Strict Mode.
Internet Explorer Platform Preview 1 10

However, in Internet Explorer 10, the system required only for the operating system Windows 7 (x86 or x64), and until this article was written there has been no explanation as to whether the Internet Explorer browser 10 is supporting older operating systems like Windows Vista, especially Windows XP Professional.

Download Windows 8 Professional Editions

Windows 8

Windows OS users will be introduced to a new operating system from Microsoft that is named Windows 8. Reportedly this is a way for users who want to upgrade to Windows 7, previously we have. To be able to use windows 8 with all the latest features it has, the user is not required to have a higher specification. Enough with what is displayed by windows 7 then we can use it directly. So all the conveniences will appear in the windows OS of Microsoft's latest 8

And what about the display windows 8 whether to stay the same as the previous version or is there a change? According to the news of this latest Windows interface similar to Windows Mobile 7 which displays the appropriate box box with his trademark style. So this means abandoning the old style icons that were previously used by Windows 7. Reasons were used because the operating system will also be integrated for the tablet that is currently begin used by the community in helping their activity

Then when OS Windows 8 will be released and can be enjoyed by the public? Reportedly still in the near future or in the year 2012. So we wait further news as wallpapers and themes windows 8 also must be anticipated by the people who are curious about the features, appearance, and the advantages it has. Hopefully this could be exciting news for us who hope to improve ease of

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Download Security Package version: All-in-One Norton 360 Version 5

Norton 360 Version 5

Symantec found as many as 286 million different threats in the past year, there were about 9 threats that occur each second that attacked computers consumer, corporate, and government as its target. With a large number of threats, where computer users need the strongest protection that can protect your identity, computer and document the user is important when performing a search, shopping and banking activities and socialize online. Norton 360 version 5.0 is here to answer all these problems (24 / 3).

Norton 360 Version 5 score of 100% protection to detect online threats from Dennis Technology Labs through third-party testing methodology of 100% in accordance with the Anti-Malware Testing Standards Organization (AMTSO). This is the second year in a row Norton 360 to beat our competitors in the test scenarios to simulate users who are infected while doing online activities through a computer user. Norton 360 version 5 also shows 37 percent better performance than the average competitor in Passmark score, and to scan 45 percent faster than the average competitor, also has the fastest installation time of 49 seconds.

Check Your WordPress Security

WordPress Security
CMS WordPress is the most widely used, both for the benefit of organizations and individuals. Along with its popularity, more and more also are trying to find a weakness of this engine, like a tree faster and faster the higher the wind.

Here are tips to increase the security that must be known by you who use Wordpress as a Content Management System or platform that is working to set the look, content, user administration, plugins, addons and the like.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Installation Steps Linux (DEBIAN)

Preparing to Install Linux (Debian)
Turn on the computer, and then press [Delete] to enter the bios,
Once in the bios, select the menu
press [ENTER]
After that, choose the Boot Sequence menu in order to be CDROM, C, A

press [ENTER]
press y [ENTER]
Then the computer will start booting again with the boot sequence to CDROM first.

Insert the CD into the CDROM existing debian.

Install Windows 7 from USB Flash Disk

People who just bought a netbook is usually confused when they want to install operating system. How else? Netbooks are not equipped with DVD-ROM. But, do not worry. There are many roads lead to Rome.

There are many devices can you use to install Windows without needing the DVD-ROM. For example, you can use a USB flash disk. Another example, use an external DVD-ROM.

Based on experience PCplus, install Windows 7 from a USB flash disk is much faster than the install DVD. Moreover, the risk of installation failure with USB flash disk smaller than the disposable DVDs. It might, DVDs can not be read properly because it was scratched or optical DVD-ROM was already weak. Bete it when it's a long wait, eh not so Windows installed?

In this article, there are two sciences that would be divided. First, we will make a USB flash disk from an ISO file in case you have. Second, we will make the installation DVD of Windows 7. Create the first way, we need a device called a USB DVD Windows7 existing tools on the CD PCplus. The second way match made ​​in existing computer DVD-ROM. For example, you borrow your friends computer to make a USB flash disk installation.

Oh yes, the conditions that must be met to make a USB flash disk installation is easy, just a 4 GB flash disk.

1. You live to run Windows 7 USB DVD tool. Click "Browse" then locate the ISO file it and click "Next".

Top Tips Strategies Advertise On Google Adwords

Google Adwords is one of the promotional services PPC (Pay Per Click). Google Adwords will be very useful if you want traffic to your website or to advertise products or services your website.

Google Adwords is one of the trusted PPC services. Besides Google Adwords, PPC that was quite popular is,,, and so forth.

By advertising on Google Adwords, your ad is displayed on

1. Search network / search engine result page (PAGE) or on Google search results pages, and

2. Content network (shown in your blog or website advertising adsense)

Monday, June 6, 2011

Overclock PC By Android

Not believe that some say could overclock (increase speed), PC only Android phone? If not, start today you'd better start believing. MSI, manufacturers of PC components, make sure things are possible.

At the Computex 2011 event then, MSI show off the Android version of Afterburner utility property. Especially for this Android version, MSI developed with Nick Connors, a renowned programmer who generate a lot of mobile applications. For your information only, Afterburner is a utility used to make graphics card overclocking.

Afterburner Android is said to able to tune the settings to overclock or monitor (monitoring) of Afterburner settings on your PC, including monitor temperature, voltage and fan rotation speed. Remarkably, this utility can also be used to increase the voltage (overvoltage) in addition to overclocking. Wifi is a major connection point in use Android application is to communicate.

Crack Deep Freeze V6

DeepFreeze V6 Cracker (software deepfreeze breaker V6) are now widely circulated today. So be careful for your Internet cafe or computer users who shared. We know that DeepFreeze is a program to freeze a drive (hard drive) the computer will return the system work in its original state after the computer restarts. And I'm not going to discuss wide-winded way of working itself DeepFreeze on this post.

With DeepFreeze Cracker V6 we can paralyze Deepfreeze without the admin password, and after Deepfreeze in inactive status (thawed), we can freely enter the file or change the settings and computer configuration. Including installing a keylogger.

Already Present Thunderbird 5 Beta

Mozilla has just released the first beta of Thunderbird 5. E-mail messaging client of this new generation of skip version, because it should be version 4 comes first. But version 4 eliminated because Mozilla would like the version in the client e-mail messaging in accordance with its upcoming version of web browser, Firefox 5.

In addition to the version number jump, Thunderbird 5, has an addon manager and a new API extension management. According to Mozilla, the user interface for the addon manager is going to change until final release appears. For Mac users would be presented Universal binaries 32-bit and 64-bit. But Thunderbird 5 no longer supports the way the Mac system with PowerPC processors.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Kaspersky Security Suite CBE 11

Leading anti-virus is Kaspersky Security Suite CBE 11th edition actually substitute the name of the Kaspersky Internet Security 2011, the CBE may actually stands for Computer Bild Edition. much like Kaspersky Internet Security (KIS). Kaspersky Internet Security 2011 and Kaspersky Security Suite (KSS), CBE 11 spots on a clear interface and brand new direct a clear symbol of complicated and confusing and designed to ensure that the general instruction to use and simple process to find out. In addition, it includes a desktop gadget for Windows 7 that supplies quickly see the status of protection for your PC directly in a color coded green for OK and red for risky. Many of the enhancements occur completed for anti-phishing protection wise and Virtual Keyboard is a digital identity protection, parental control, Application Control, examine and grant or loan privileges and the use of system assets, Save Compact discs and Run Safe mode that allows customers to operate suspicious programs and websites in the special atmosphere of isolation.

But the main part of the problem is still security protection, where Kaspersky Internet Security 2011 and Kaspersky Security Suite CBE 11 continues to increase positive real-time protection against all Internet risks. A new feature Safe Surf continues to be entered to immediately block malicious websites or alluded to before I go to. A new technology called System Monitor to monitor and evaluate each event the system to accurately identify malicious behavior. Each time a threat occurs, consumers will be motivated to play back the activity of malicious programs.

GIGABYTE GeForce GTX 580 1536MB 384-bit GDDR5

GIGABYTE GV-N580D5-15I-B built using the latest technology and the next generation NVIDIA GeForce  GTX 580 GPU, 772MHz core clock, 512-core processor, 1536MB DDR5 memory with a 4008MHz memory clock supply, 384-bit wide memory, 1544MHz shader clock. by using dual DVI-I connection, mini-HDMI connector. NVIDIA Supports 3D Surround Vision, 3D Vision, PhysX, and 3-way SLI, nVidia guaranteed GV-N580D5-15I-B has extreme DirectX 11 gaming experience.

Reveiw for interface of Windows 8

Beginning with the publication of a new graphics card driver package NVIDIA Quadro 265, there are few clues and indications that Microsoft is in the process of project the new interface (vNext) for the operating system after Windows 7. This can be seen from the partial description of the driver is as follows:

NVIDIA Windows Vista / 7 / 8 (64 bit) Display INF file
DiskID1 = "NVIDIA Windows Vista / 7 / 8 (64 bit) Driver Library Installation Disk 1"

Driver refers to the 64-bit operating system, kernel release number 6.2, and the name of the Windows operating system 8. Note that the kernel release number used by Windows 7 is 6.1. Operating system Windows 8 itself according to the plan will begin to be released officially in 2012.

Friday, June 3, 2011

Download Nokia PC Suite

Nokia mobile phone users who never connect the device to a PC for data sharing must be familiar with this application. As the name implies, the Download Nokia PC Suite it can only be used specifically for Nokia phones only. Although can be connected to another phone, the features will not be as active as long as not using a Nokia mobile phone.

This application is useful to facilitate the activities of cell phone via a PC, such as content sharing data, installation of the application until the synchronization, and much more. Included to connect to the internet via mobile phone that can work as a modem. Most important, the Nokia PC Suite can also perform backup and restore data (restore) from phone to PC.

Download Software PicsAid

For some people, operate iTunes is a bit confusing. Especially if you want to transfer content to and from the Apple device. Well, if you want to move a collection of images from the iPod, iPad, or iPhone, just use PicsAid. PicsAid will allow you transfer photo album and synchronize with iTunes.

Application is made crossplatform, meaning you can use it via a desktop PC or Mac OS. Of course, to run on different systems, you must use a version of each platform.

Views simple interface makes it easy for the first time you use it. With a view that is simple and easy operation, you will not be difficulties in terms of moving the entire contents of an image or a collection of photos arranged in albums that have been made. Simply by pressing the Copy To Folder available at the top.

Download iPad Magic Platinum

iPad Magic output is an application Xilisoft all-in-one that offers solutions for users to manage all content IPAD is in it and be able to transfer content to and from the PC. Although called the iPad, this application can also be used on the iPod and iPhone devices that are arguably one type with the iPad. Newest version has undergone several updates, including support for the latest operating system IOS 4.2.

iPad Magic Platinum has four main functions, namely to send content to the iPad, send fi le of the iPad to portable devices, send fi le to the hard disk, and add content to iTunes. In addition to the four functions, there are also several tours that you can fi use. Other functions include backup music, fi lm, photographs, books and ringtones, menransfer fi le from the PC to the device in high speed, download and convert online videos from online video website, create iPhone ringtones, move the PDF / epub books for the device, and so forth.

Download Software Remote Administrator Control

Remote Administrator Control (RAC) is a remote application that can be used to monitor and control another computer remotely. RAC enables you to access and fully control a user's computer, server, and other network devices. With it, you can work without any limits on a remote computer using the Windows operating system as if you work on your local computer.

There are 16 functions it has, such as the exchange of files between computers over a network TCP / IP, locking the monitor, keyboard, and mouse to the computer user. This application is divided into two, namely for the PC client and server. You also can use it as an application that is able to handle the problems of remote client PC, so do not bother to come to the location where the PC is problematic.