Monday, June 6, 2011

Overclock PC By Android

Not believe that some say could overclock (increase speed), PC only Android phone? If not, start today you'd better start believing. MSI, manufacturers of PC components, make sure things are possible.

At the Computex 2011 event then, MSI show off the Android version of Afterburner utility property. Especially for this Android version, MSI developed with Nick Connors, a renowned programmer who generate a lot of mobile applications. For your information only, Afterburner is a utility used to make graphics card overclocking.

Afterburner Android is said to able to tune the settings to overclock or monitor (monitoring) of Afterburner settings on your PC, including monitor temperature, voltage and fan rotation speed. Remarkably, this utility can also be used to increase the voltage (overvoltage) in addition to overclocking. Wifi is a major connection point in use Android application is to communicate.
One advantage of using Android application is the possibility to change the speed of the system without having to close running applications, games or applications such as PC speed testing (benchmark software). In fact, if you're not dealing directly with the PC too, we can still make adjustments to the settings on your PC Afterburner.

To be able to exercise control with Afterburner version of Android is also a PC user must install the Afterburner PC version so that both can communicate.

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