Monday, June 6, 2011

Already Present Thunderbird 5 Beta

Mozilla has just released the first beta of Thunderbird 5. E-mail messaging client of this new generation of skip version, because it should be version 4 comes first. But version 4 eliminated because Mozilla would like the version in the client e-mail messaging in accordance with its upcoming version of web browser, Firefox 5.

In addition to the version number jump, Thunderbird 5, has an addon manager and a new API extension management. According to Mozilla, the user interface for the addon manager is going to change until final release appears. For Mac users would be presented Universal binaries 32-bit and 64-bit. But Thunderbird 5 no longer supports the way the Mac system with PowerPC processors.
While this Thunderbird 5 looks similar to air-interface tabs in Thunderbird 3. Mozilla says that there is a tweak-tweak interface that can rearrange the tabs like in Firefox. But since the first beta of this new, most likely there will be more adjustments are made prior to final release.

As usual in the main release, Mozilla has warned that some addon plug-ins may not work on Thunderbird 5. Users are advised to contact the developer of add-on for them to do something sebelu Mozilla decided to release Thunderbird 5.

Just info, Mozilla Firefox 5 present schedule this month. If the schedule is adjusted to the schedule Thunderbird 5 Firefox 5, means the final version appears likely around June 21, before the final public release of about a few weeks later.

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