Monday, June 13, 2011

Free Download Internet Explorer 10

Internet Explorer 10

Not yet a year with Internet Explorer 9, is now developing into the latest version of Internet Explorer Platform Preview 1 10 has been released 2 months ago, that is exactly 12 April 2011.

Because Internet Explorer is still perceived less satisfactory earlier and some features are incomplete, so some may change, and some can be added.

So the Internet Explorer Platform Preview 1 10 is the first public preview of Internet Explorer web platform 10. In this release, the developers will show that Internet Explorer 10 was Flexbox It supports CSS3, CSS3 Grid Alignment, CSS3 Multi-column, gradient CSS3 background-image and ECM AScript5 Strict Mode.
Internet Explorer Platform Preview 1 10

However, in Internet Explorer 10, the system required only for the operating system Windows 7 (x86 or x64), and until this article was written there has been no explanation as to whether the Internet Explorer browser 10 is supporting older operating systems like Windows Vista, especially Windows XP Professional.
Here are the latest features of Internet Explorer Platform Preview 1 10:

* Take full advantage of your PC with GPU powered graphics and compiled JavaScript. : Fishbowl Benchmark, Paintball, Preschool, Speed ​​Reading, Maze Solver, More ...
* Deliver Interoperability through Including HTML5 web standards and ES5. : Try Strict Mode, Tweet Columns, Griddle, CSS3 Flexbox Flexin, The Grid System, More HTML5 ...
* Create next-generation experiences with HTML5 and CSS3 graphical capabilities. : CSS Gradient Maker, SVG Gradient Maker, Video Format Support, City of Videos, Flickr Postcards, More Graphics ...
Internet Explorer 10

You can download in : Internet Explorer 10

The article title above is : Free Download Internet Explorer 10

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