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Download Security Package version: All-in-One Norton 360 Version 5

Norton 360 Version 5

Symantec found as many as 286 million different threats in the past year, there were about 9 threats that occur each second that attacked computers consumer, corporate, and government as its target. With a large number of threats, where computer users need the strongest protection that can protect your identity, computer and document the user is important when performing a search, shopping and banking activities and socialize online. Norton 360 version 5.0 is here to answer all these problems (24 / 3).

Norton 360 Version 5 score of 100% protection to detect online threats from Dennis Technology Labs through third-party testing methodology of 100% in accordance with the Anti-Malware Testing Standards Organization (AMTSO). This is the second year in a row Norton 360 to beat our competitors in the test scenarios to simulate users who are infected while doing online activities through a computer user. Norton 360 version 5 also shows 37 percent better performance than the average competitor in Passmark score, and to scan 45 percent faster than the average competitor, also has the fastest installation time of 49 seconds.

Norton 360 Version 5 pull through changes to the existing interface, which is able to provide a snapshot of security controls, settings and information about protection status and performance PCs for the consumer. Norton Control Center provides quick access to Cybercrime Index Norton, Norton Family Online and rating services Norton Safe Web site. While doing online activities, users are also secured with a feature of Norton Safe Web is now feature Norton secured badges. Also included are features of Norton Safe Web for up to check the wall up and news feeds contain links users whether evil and the threat of taking the identity of the user.

The latest version of Norton 360 has many exciting features such as those held by the Norton 2011 products, which include:

     Insight which is a reputation-based security technology that is only owned by Norton. This technology adoption patterns of software use anonymously with more than 175 million users participating Symantec to automatically identify and block new malicious software.
     3 SONAR behavioral-based protection monitor suspicious behavior from applications that are working to rapidly identify new attacks, crimeware and other threats designed to avoid traditional detection. When detected, SONAR 3 will automatically handle any decision made by representing the user's computer.
     Power Eraser Norton and Norton Bootable Recovery Tool is a tool that provides aggressive detection and repair technology, enabling users to clean infected computers previously.

You can Download in here : Norton 360 Version 5

Similarly, in the present article is titled : Download Security Package version: All-in-One Norton 360 Version 5

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