Sunday, June 19, 2011

Sega Conceded

Sega Pass
After Sony experiencing serious problems related to information security today on the Playstation Network and customer service is successfully broken Qriocity cyber criminals. Now, a similar case also happened to Sega.

Customer data on the site Sega Sega Pass successfully stolen by cyber criminals. Database that was stolen from Sega Pass website, containing information on, user name, date of birth, email, and password are encrypted.

However, the Sega hopes that residents remain calm and ask that you immediately change your password and email combination on a computer that is often used to open Sega Pass. This was done to avoid the theft of other user accounts.

In his letter, Sega re-emphasized that the passwords are stored in a site not just be text, but is encrypted. It also stressed that the payment information does not get involved in this burglary.

After the events of this burglary, Sega commemorate its customers to be careful with possible shipment suspicious emails that may appear on the account emailpengguna. Therefore, the breaker, the might send customers emails that ask them to provide personal information. Of course, use the email addresses of customers who managed to Sega they collapse.

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