Monday, June 13, 2011

5 Steps to Increase Google Adsense Revenue

Google Adsense revenue

Do you want to increase your Adsense revenue? If so, I can say little more info and simple tips to improve Google Adsense revenue.

But the first thing you need to understand is, that your income will not increase overnight or within a few days, it will take some time, To get the most work needed on a regular basis.
How to Increase Google Adsense Revenue
Here are tips from 5 Steps to Increase Google Adsense Revenue:

1. Traffic
Level of hits on your blog traffic, because it can be said of High-Traffic = clicks = More-More-Money. One built the link to get high traffic that is on social media. So, Submit your articles to social media.

2. Adsense Placement
Where is the placement of ads most fitting? Try to place your ad after the post title, this is the best and the most common place to display your ads, putting Adsense between posts content is also another great place to try. As a resource, use the plugin whydowork to perform placement.

3. Ads Relevance
Ads or Ad Relevance Relevance is the other important factor in Google Adsense Revenue Increase, for example if your blog contains about the application / software or the computer world, while google adsense ads that appear on the cuisine, we can be sure the end will not be clicking on ads on blogs application / software or computer world. Use the "Competitive Ad Filter" which allows you to block specific ads, such as competitors' ads, keyword advertising low, and so forth.

4. Google Search Box
Lots of publishers forget this feature. For that use the Google Search Box on your blog, because the Google search box is very useful for your readers to find articles on your website. SO sure you get paid for every click on Adsense showing on top of your search box, right or left side.

5. Ad Formats
You can use many ad formats that match your blog layout. But try to only use text ad formats, and use ad text color the same color as the text content of your site.
How Google Adsense Revenue?

Here also are some tips that can also be used to improve Google Adsense revenue, such as using Adsense Targeting, Using High Paying Keywords in the article. Hopefully that will be discussed on the other occasions.

Google Adsense revenue
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