Monday, June 6, 2011

Crack Deep Freeze V6

DeepFreeze V6 Cracker (software deepfreeze breaker V6) are now widely circulated today. So be careful for your Internet cafe or computer users who shared. We know that DeepFreeze is a program to freeze a drive (hard drive) the computer will return the system work in its original state after the computer restarts. And I'm not going to discuss wide-winded way of working itself DeepFreeze on this post.

With DeepFreeze Cracker V6 we can paralyze Deepfreeze without the admin password, and after Deepfreeze in inactive status (thawed), we can freely enter the file or change the settings and computer configuration. Including installing a keylogger.
How it works is quite simple, is:

* while you press the shift key and then double click on the DeepFreeze icon taskbar (bottom right) or if the DeepFreeze icon does not appear please press the Ctrl + shift + alt + F6 simultaneously deepfreeze pop up window will appear asking you to enter a password, and there You can see the version used DeepFreeze.
* Run Deep Freeze V6 and select the version of Deep Freeze Cracker is used (this can be used to crack up DeepFreze V6 version)
* Once you successfully login you can disable DeepFreeze and ... .... so on.

For that with this cracker of a V6 DeepFreeze we should be more careful when using public computers like in internet cafe, especially when entering a password.

ok, you can download in here :
Crack Deep Freeze V6

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