Friday, June 3, 2011

Download Software PicsAid

For some people, operate iTunes is a bit confusing. Especially if you want to transfer content to and from the Apple device. Well, if you want to move a collection of images from the iPod, iPad, or iPhone, just use PicsAid. PicsAid will allow you transfer photo album and synchronize with iTunes.

Application is made crossplatform, meaning you can use it via a desktop PC or Mac OS. Of course, to run on different systems, you must use a version of each platform.

Views simple interface makes it easy for the first time you use it. With a view that is simple and easy operation, you will not be difficulties in terms of moving the entire contents of an image or a collection of photos arranged in albums that have been made. Simply by pressing the Copy To Folder available at the top.
Before running this application, you must have connected the device to a PC using a USB connection the default. Thereafter, PicsAid it will automatically detect the entire contents of the picture. Content that is detected will be displayed in the form of thumbnails. In this condition, you can access the existing content via PC and vice versa to explore and view the content of images contained therein. Oh yes, PicsAid also have the ability to save images of a lost or damaged by the crash.

Information :

File size                   2.76 MB
License                   Trial License with some features limited
Price                       U.S. $ 19.90
System requirements Windows XP/Vista/7; Mac

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