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Download Windows 8 Professional Editions

Windows 8

Windows OS users will be introduced to a new operating system from Microsoft that is named Windows 8. Reportedly this is a way for users who want to upgrade to Windows 7, previously we have. To be able to use windows 8 with all the latest features it has, the user is not required to have a higher specification. Enough with what is displayed by windows 7 then we can use it directly. So all the conveniences will appear in the windows OS of Microsoft's latest 8

And what about the display windows 8 whether to stay the same as the previous version or is there a change? According to the news of this latest Windows interface similar to Windows Mobile 7 which displays the appropriate box box with his trademark style. So this means abandoning the old style icons that were previously used by Windows 7. Reasons were used because the operating system will also be integrated for the tablet that is currently begin used by the community in helping their activity

Then when OS Windows 8 will be released and can be enjoyed by the public? Reportedly still in the near future or in the year 2012. So we wait further news as wallpapers and themes windows 8 also must be anticipated by the people who are curious about the features, appearance, and the advantages it has. Hopefully this could be exciting news for us who hope to improve ease of

Whether intentional or not, but certainly a Microsoft document that is sent to business associates leaked on the internet. The contents of the document among other things, large projects to Microsoft for Windows 8.
When found, the document memerlihatkan Microsoft vision for Windows 8. Such as computer design and hardware capabilities. However, there is also some demand for the requested brand-new system in Windows 8 fitted Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM).
According to Microsoft, Windows newest sensor will be favored more diverse. Starting from the Global Positioning System (GPS), BTS-based position, proximity sensor, accelerometer, and a web camera.
Windows Store is one feature that Microsoft brought her through Windows 8. This store will handle these features standard. Such as account management and software upgrade, also provides the ability to replicate applications and their management in a variety of different devices. Originally, these applications store will target Apple's App Store.
Based on projects that overdo it leaked on the internet, also revealed that Microsoft plans to release its strongest browser, Internet Explorer 9 Beta version in August. However, a spokesman for Microsoft declined to comment Windows 8 is related documents.
This is reinforced why Windows 7 is not even a year was launched. So, it is impossible when Windows 8 glide before 2012.
Meanwhile, Matt Rosoff (analysis of Directions on Microsoft), says that this leak is Microsoft's own efforts to obtain any input from what they are doing.

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