Friday, June 3, 2011

Download Nokia PC Suite

Nokia mobile phone users who never connect the device to a PC for data sharing must be familiar with this application. As the name implies, the Download Nokia PC Suite it can only be used specifically for Nokia phones only. Although can be connected to another phone, the features will not be as active as long as not using a Nokia mobile phone.

This application is useful to facilitate the activities of cell phone via a PC, such as content sharing data, installation of the application until the synchronization, and much more. Included to connect to the internet via mobile phone that can work as a modem. Most important, the Nokia PC Suite can also perform backup and restore data (restore) from phone to PC.
This application requires 3 types of connections, namely Bluetooth, data cable, and infrared. In terms of stability, it is recommended you use a data cable connection. Moreover, to backup large amounts of data, so the possibility of connection is lost during the process is smaller. Bluetooth connection, especially infrared, safer to use for small data transfers only.

Most Nokia phones can use this application. See the official website to find out the full list of types of phones that support it.

Information :

Website        /support/software/nokia-pc-suites
File size                 35.5 MB
License                 Free License
Price                     -
System requirements Windows 2000-SP4/XP/Vista/7

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