Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Nokia N9 With MeeGo OS

Nokia N9 With MeeGo OS
In the event Nokia Connection 2011 event which is part of CommunicAsia 2011, Nokia introduced several new mobile phone series, one of which is the phone that often became a byword in various forums, namely the Nokia N9. Nokia N9 Nokia claimed as a mobile phone with touch screen 'pure'. Pure in this case referring to the absence of all buttons, including the navigation key or the call-end call buttons are always equip a touch screen phone.

Nokia's first smart phone operating system based MeeGo brings a beautiful design and elegant with cheerful color choices. Nokia call it a design that combines function and art in a telecommunications product. Nokia N9 Nokia claimed a phone that will make all functions to be more simple, although the entire operation of the phone is fully dependent on the touch screen. All activities in Nokia N9 paced using a 'swipe' which is a sliding motion with the fingertips to the screen to get to the homescreen when you're using the application. Nokia N9 provides 3 homescreen that can accommodate a variety of applications as well as important and commonly used features such as social media, email, etc..

In addition to functioning as a smart phone, Nokia N9 has also been equipped with digital dompat technology called Near Field Communication (NFC). With NFC technology, payment activities, access information and applications can be done quickly by simply attaching the phone to the NFC parangkat. Fun technology support functions in Nokia N9 can also be used to connect the speakers to listen to music with the Nokia 360 Degree Play audio accessories or other devices that support only by attaching a cell phone on speaker. Unfortunately, their NFC technology has not been applied in Indonesia, so just waiting for the readiness of the technology is present in Indonesia and Nokia N9 will further serve to users.

This gorgeous mobile phone is also developing an application that brings the latest browser technology Webkit 2, and dukukungan HTML5 technology that makes browsing activities more quickly and responsively. Mobile phone with 3.9-inch AMOLED screen is also supported by CarlZeiss 8 MP camera lens with dual LED flash as a supplement.

Apart from all the advantages offered, the presence of Nokia N9 with the operating system Meego enough to invite a bit of a question. Given the cooperation with Microsoft to develop a Nokia phone with the operating system Windows Phone, why Nokia N9 each use Meego?.

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