Thursday, June 23, 2011

Download Keylogger Full Free


Keylogger is a hacking program that works to record keyboard typed, all computer activity in the media in the form of text and images (screenshots). The average program will be a stealth mode so that computer users can not recognize whether the computer was fitted with a keylogger or not. Next thing I know all the data he had entered into a computer is known by someone else who is none other than the installer program.

Step-by-step installation latest keylogger is as follows:
Download first program Blazing Tools Perfect Keylogger v1.7.5.0 through the link below. Install like installing programs that other applications (I'm sure you'll be able to) Completed installed please right click the program tray icon in Windows taskbar and select Options
Perform some of the rules according to your taste, here are the settings that I apply in this latest keylogger program.

Run on Windows startup function so that the program runs automatically when the computer starts up hotkeys to function as an opening program when the program will hide Hide the program from Ctrl + Alt + Del function to hide the program from the task manager once again right click the tray icon in the taskbar windows program and select hide Icon program (useful for hiding the program from another user)

To view the results of these programs please press the button combination that gives a chance before, in the example above using the key combination Shift + K. and left click on tray icon program. so it will look like below.

You can download : Keylogger

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