Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Download PCMAV Valhalla 5.1

After a long awaited finally PCMAV 5.1 May 2011 edition out as well. Here are some changes in this version:
1. UPDATED! Added database and cleaning 102 local virus / foreign / new variants have been spread throughout the world. Total 4127 virus and its variants.
2. ADDED! Removal special engine to clean the virus completely AngryAngel3, Ronkor, and ViewFiles              widespread throughout the world, which was originally detected the virus in Indonesia.
3. ADDED! The addition of filters to prevent the exploit of Windows shortcut files, so as not to call the malware  automatically on a removable drive (flash disk).
4. ADDED! The addition of a separate menu to disable and enable features LinkProtector.
5. Improved! Change of name of the virus found a new variant.
6. Improved! Fixes some minor bugs and improved the internal code to ensure that antivirus PCMAV remain a world pride.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Download Best Image Editor for Windows

Most of the photographer or advanced amateur designers, of course, Adobe Photoshop remains the number one choice for image manipulation and editing digital photos available.

After using Photoshop for most image editing but in some cases only for everyday life. Issues such as high RAM usage, long loading time and complexity make it its own complexity that makes Photoshop unbearable.

Today! what I have for you is one of the best free image editor for Windows. Launched directly, using a very small amount of RAM and provides image editing tools are easily understood yet powerful. Its Paint.NET.

Lenovo IdeaCentre B520 All-in-one desktop PC Supports Latest 3D Vision

Lenovo launches all-in-one B520 IdeaCentre desktop PCs with NVIDIA 3D Vision. Lenovo's new AIO has a screen 23-inch Full HD 1920 × 1080 type frame that supports multitouch without 3D Vision. PC is equipped with NVIDIA GeForce graphics card and do not miss 2GB GT55M 3D glasses.

AMD Radeon HD 6990 graphics cards from AMD's Fastest with 3DMark11 Scores P11865

AMD introduces world's fastest graphics card, the AMD Radeon HD6990 / Antilles delivered as a single graphics card with a new world record score of P11865 by using industry-standard 3DMark11 benchmark. These new GPUs include 2 AMD generation architecture that supports Microsoft DirectX 11. This graphics card has a 880Mhz engine clock, 5.40 TFLOPS of computing power and 1.37 TFLOPS Single Precision to Double Precision Power Calculation.

AMD Radeon 6900 series of Radeon HD 6970 Latest & Radeon HD 6950

Graphics Card AMD Radeon 6900 series has just been released which supports architectural technology from Microsoft that is DirectX 11. (DirectX 11 allows the computer to run 3D graphics cool special effects.) AMD's new Radeon series include AMD Radeon HD 6970 and Radeon HD 6950. Prices for these new vga card starting at $ 299. That means gamers can buy because it can get a screaming-fast graphics chip with affordable prices.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Download Theme Windows 7 Ferrari

Before I was sharing about the windows 8 which in fact will come out in mid 2012. Now I will be sharing on windows too, tepapi is to beautify the computer you use. Windows 7 Theme Ferrari, Ferrari contains 9 wallpapers are cool nice and charming. Ferrari Wallpaper Ferrari car consists of several colored Red, Black, Silver and Blue. By default wallpaper will be changed every 10 minutes. However, you can change the wallpaper tesebut turnover time in accordance with your wishes. You are interested with this theme?

Download Netcut Windows 7

This time I will share about netcut for windows 7, of course netcut compatible with windows 7. Netcut is a program that utilizes the famous ARP abuse so that the breakthrough on the same LAN may terminate your Internet connection. This program serves to protect you from users who use the ARP for the abuse they can not analyze the data packets that you send and you receive. Netcut for windows 7 is you can use not only in windows xp but on windows 7 can be used.

Netcut windows 7 can only be used on windows 7 32 bit, if you make a windows 7 64 bit I do not know how, but can be used once wrote there is no harm in trying netcut for windows 7 is on Win7 64 bits.

Download Beautify Icon XP with Icon Packager - Stardock

It seemed endless, if we want to beautify our computer display. Like this one, with a capital Icon collection only, view our PCs become more attractive.

Icon Packager from Stardock is feasible to use. Display your PC will change with dramatically more attractive and more comfortable for viewing.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Download LAN Messenger - Chat Via LAN and network

If you've read the following posts: Chating via IP address, it would not hurt you now try this software Lan Messenger. Lan Messenger is worth a try for those of you who want to chat via LAN cable or connect to a wifi network.

There are not many settings that must simply install and see the results. Automatic settings to use the network when it is active. To remember is that every computer you use to chat have already installed this software.

In the right column will display all users who are already using this software with the names. You also can chat with one person only, way is to just click the person's name there will be a new window appears that you can use as a private chat, interesting is not it?

Download Send a Message to the Local IP

Actually, if we want to send short messages can be by SMS

But this time, appropriate post title, have very often we are dealing with networks that are connected to our computers, thus within a scope of work space / network for example, we can use a freeware that can convey our message to others with ease.

Ok if it is for those of you who are familiar with DOS command, you can use the command
Click Start - Run then type:

net send your message blah blah ...

Download Batch Uninstaller - Disposing of many programs

Have you install many programs at once? if yes then you must prepare this glarysoft-made software for use when you already do not require a lot of programs installed on your computer. Most of the programs that we cultivate on our computers and less likely so needed by our own and we do not realize it would also make a response as well as our computer's performance decreases. There are times when we throw a lot of software that already we do not need anymore.

Download RegTick Pro Tool Regedit

There is someone going to ask about the rectification regedit,
Febi said: "In my house there is a PC but the system control panel is missing for some reason.
After reading, he must enter regedit. Does this software can bring back the system control panel was missing? and a few other settings?"

To fix the registry settings manually infected with the virus, possibly / sometimes can say difficult.