Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Top Tips Strategies Advertise On Google Adwords

Google Adwords is one of the promotional services PPC (Pay Per Click). Google Adwords will be very useful if you want traffic to your website or to advertise products or services your website.

Google Adwords is one of the trusted PPC services. Besides Google Adwords, PPC that was quite popular is,,, and so forth.

By advertising on Google Adwords, your ad is displayed on

1. Search network / search engine result page (PAGE) or on Google search results pages, and

2. Content network (shown in your blog or website advertising adsense)
Advertise your website URL with PPC service means mean that you are willing to pay for each click your ad. But the advantage is, instead of you fighting blood sacrifice to achieve the highest rankings in search engines, through Google Adwords you will get traffic from the ads displayed by Google or by the installer adsense.

But because the cost of promotion through Google Adwords is not free, aka pay, you must take into account several factors before you advertise on Google Adwords so that your ads effectively and efficiently.

Another thing you should look in Google Adwords, Google Adwords that require the use of credit cards for balance and / or advertising insert. Here are tips on telling advertise on Google Adwords,

1. Websites that contain products or services advertised.

The reason is logical, if you advertise on Google Adwords while you're advertising just a blog containing vent your life, so you only spend money, or except only for mempopularitaskan your blog, without any cost-benefit grounds.

2. Do not specify perklik cost more than could be obtained from Adsense.

That is, the precise keywords that will register for your ads on Google Adwords. Find advance how much value those keywords.

As a guide to determine the cost perklik, you can use the facilities or / select / trafficestimatorsandbox.

3. Use interesting words for your ad.

Upon entering you will be treated to the Google Adwords ad format in the form of text or banner (image). Provided in text format, there are five lines of existing fields. Namely, title, description line 1, description line 2, display URL and destination URL.

Then use an interesting title. Words like "free", "free", questions like "you need ...." It is the promotion of the titles that have proved effective even though it sounds classical.

In the description line 1 and 2, explain briefly that will benefit visitors as well get your product or service advantages.

4. Select your Indonesia as a target market.

When Google Adwords offers a target customer (based on language and location), choose Indonesia as a target. This is because advertising in Indonesia it is cheaper when compared to target customers in the United States.


because in America has a lot of competition keywords that you want to go. In the United States will be more companies or people who fought and bargained keywords or keyword.

Except, products and services you offer are universal or can be addressed to anyone.

5. Do not select a few key words only.

In Google Adwords, for our ads appear at the top of the Search Engine Results Page (SERP), Google encourages us to pay the highest fees in the keywords that we are headed.

It's just not be guaranteed that if a set price per click at high, it will appear the top of the SERP. Then, choose as many keywords relevant to your product or service, but not the main keyword or keywords that popular.

This will help you to save money in the Promotion on Google Adwords, but still effective. Because your ad will appear, but often at a cheap price.

For tips on this one you need creativity in choosing effective words for your product or service you offer.

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