Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Install Windows 7 from USB Flash Disk

People who just bought a netbook is usually confused when they want to install operating system. How else? Netbooks are not equipped with DVD-ROM. But, do not worry. There are many roads lead to Rome.

There are many devices can you use to install Windows without needing the DVD-ROM. For example, you can use a USB flash disk. Another example, use an external DVD-ROM.

Based on experience PCplus, install Windows 7 from a USB flash disk is much faster than the install DVD. Moreover, the risk of installation failure with USB flash disk smaller than the disposable DVDs. It might, DVDs can not be read properly because it was scratched or optical DVD-ROM was already weak. Bete it when it's a long wait, eh not so Windows installed?

In this article, there are two sciences that would be divided. First, we will make a USB flash disk from an ISO file in case you have. Second, we will make the installation DVD of Windows 7. Create the first way, we need a device called a USB DVD Windows7 existing tools on the CD PCplus. The second way match made ​​in existing computer DVD-ROM. For example, you borrow your friends computer to make a USB flash disk installation.

Oh yes, the conditions that must be met to make a USB flash disk installation is easy, just a 4 GB flash disk.

1. You live to run Windows 7 USB DVD tool. Click "Browse" then locate the ISO file it and click "Next".
2. Then select the media to be used. Wanting to make the installer from a USB flash disk select "USB device".

3. Select the USB flash disk drives him. Usually Windows7 USB DVD tool will automatically detect it. Click "Begin copying".

 4. The file is copied. wait until the end. When finished, restart the computer, enter BIOS. In the boot priority, change to the "Removable Storage".

If you only have a source from the CD / DVD you can use the application WinToFlash.

1. Just like Windows7 USB DVD tool, WinToFlash not need to be installed. Once downloaded, extract, double click on the file WinToFlash.exe WinToFlash view emerges.

2. Click the "Windows setup wizard transfer" so that it appears the page "Welcome". Click "Next" only. Specify the drive that contains Windows 7 installation DVD and USB drives you.

 3. Windows License Agreement window appears select the "I Accept" then click "Continue". Warning appears if a USB flash disk will be formatted. Click "OK".

4. Copying process will run. Wait until finished.

5. If you are finished you try to plug the USB Flash Disk on your netbook and change the boot priority of his to the Removable Storage. Successfully ... successfully ... successful.

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