Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Download Send a Message to the Local IP

Actually, if we want to send short messages can be by SMS

But this time, appropriate post title, have very often we are dealing with networks that are connected to our computers, thus within a scope of work space / network for example, we can use a freeware that can convey our message to others with ease.

Ok if it is for those of you who are familiar with DOS command, you can use the command
Click Start - Run then type:

net send your message blah blah ...

Thus, your message will be delivered. The problem is, what if we want to send lots of messages, such as there are a few lines, whereas if we click enter then, what happens is the file sent not enter to the next line, but send, then you need this Freeware.

NT Messenger Tools
NT Messenger Tools contains two message sender programs, the regular one and a broadcaster. These programs send NT4/2000/XP Messenger compatible messages to other computers running the service or Winpopup. Written in Kylix/VB.

you can download here:

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