Monday, July 4, 2011

Skype for iPad Ready to hit the App Store

 Skype for iPad

After much speculation associated with the presence of the Skype application which will be dedicated specifically for the iPad, VP of Consumer and Product Design at Skype named Rick Osterloh, has recently been confirmed about the truth of the plan in an interview some time ago.

And coincides with it, Skype is reportedly also has just been leaked video demonstration on YouTube. With a view that is intuitive and user friendly which is used in applications that carried iPad device, making the Skype challenged and will provide the best and offering something appealing to the users of the iPad.

At the beginning there was a doubt if the video is fake or not, but after contacting the Vice President of Consumer and Product Design at Skype named Rick Osterloh, reportedly has been confirmed about the truth and he has also stated that the users of the iPad will indeed use the Skype application will be special for the platform itself.
In a blog post recently, Osterloh also states that the Skype application for the iPad will have everything that the iPhone version already have, except for some desktop-level features that will not be involved.

One feature that there is file sharing. And it reportedly features similar to the way the IOS adalam file handles.

Moreover, the existence of two cameras on the iPad would make the Skype application is very interesting. And especially now Apple has also made tremendous support, such as providing humorous applications through potential duplication of functionality (FaceTime).

According Osteroh, Skype for BlackBerry will be a solid release for the company and even the current Skype status has been named as one of the premier online communication network.

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