Thursday, July 7, 2011

Future Computer Storage Devices

Future Computer Storage Devices

Currently, the storage devices that use optical or magnetic technologies. May be sufficient for our needs today but will quickly be outdated because of the supremacy of silicon-based processors begin to get more reliable and promising. In order to satisfy the public desire for more efficient storage devices and faster, many products are being developed to support the future.

For a long time, computers are widely used with light technology intended to store digital information. The most famous is the optical disks, including CDs and DVDs. Each is made of a circular plastic plate that produced a laser beam to carve the pattern of microscopic holes. In order to evolve from this device obsolete the future, scientists have begun to develop a dynamic optical storage media innovative founded in what is known as "holographic memory", which uses light interference and light-sensitive crystals to collect data.
Digital then stored in the storage capacity of all gadgets, not just on the surface are found as in the case of optical disks. Another great feature is that the 3D holographic information storage, rather than 2D, and give out the data transfer speed is much better and density. It can store up to terabytes of digital information in a device that has half the size of your fingerprint. Present data storage devices read and write one bit at a time, a major drag on the speed of access. On the other hand, holographic technology to write and read one million bits of information at the same time with just a flash of light. Holographic storage using a laser beam to collect the data. One beam is divided in two by the beam splitter. It divides the beam moves across the crystal-like half-transparent filter that converts light into understandable bits information.Some time ago, in 1960, economic and technological efforts related to how to read and write data is quite large, but with today's technology, this dream will into a product market soon, in about 5 or 6 years. It is announced that holographic disks will be the same size and shape of the DVD except for a capacity of more than 27 times larger. In other words, this means up to 1 terabyte of digital data on one disk. In addition, holographic storage devices will actually have a transfer rate of more than 25 times greater than this DVD! Undoubtedly, the expertise of holographic data storage will change a lot of business. Another hope for the future of data storage memory is carried by molecules that are still in the research. Scientists are testing ways to make functional items that can be placed on the market. This object will have the nano-wires and individual molecules are used to create large arrays of storage bits. Each molecule operates similar to the control buttons that can be either switched off or, in the data representing the consequences.

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