Thursday, July 7, 2011

Review Samsung Galaxy S II

Samsung Galaxy S II 

Samsung launches Galaxy S II. Smart phones which claimed to be a super smartphone has a thinner lightweight body. Although the screen has a relief, but the smartphone is comfortable, even if it is used to type up a hand.

With a thickness of 8.49 mm or less than one centimeter, weight 116 grams, this smartphone has an attractive display. Attractive because the 4.27-inch screen capable of displaying the colors are sharp and bright. This is thanks to a super screen AMOLED Plus is embedded in the screen that's crystal clear calls. Advantage Plus Super AMOLED screen is mentioned Fabiant Kayamto, Senior Product Marketing Manager Business Department HHP, presenting the colors are brilliant, with a high contrast ratio, and sharp images.

Embedded cameras and camcorders for 8MP which is claimed to record and play movies with HD quality up to 1080p. Processor 1.2 GHz processors participate in strengthening this part. With the dual capabilities corenya, this smartphone can provide a powerful multitasking services, fast web browsing, as well as the responsiveness and image quality for both interfaces in 3D. The device is also equipped with the Android 2.3 Gingerbread
For business exchange of data faster, the device comes with Bluetooth 3.0 + HS. Samsung has also added technology Kies Air. This technology enables the exchange of data with a PC using wifi. With this feature, download photos, music, see a missed call, send messages, can be done through the browser on your PC. WiFi Direct buses also connect the phone directly to a PC or printer without a wireless access point.

Well, this phone is also equipped with NFC. NFC technology a lot lately tested for wireless payments. Google has been trying them on the phone Nexus S 4G. if the technology is already well established for use as an electronic payment technology, then this phone would be ready to adopt it.

Samsung is still not willing to open up what the price of smart phones on the market. However, Samsung said that its market price will be under 6juta. Interested? Just wait for consumer launchnya on 23 July.

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