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New Blogspot 2011

New Blogspot 2011

Since in 2010 then bloggers make various changes / development of existing features in Blogger (Blogspot). Remember what's new in blogspot last year?

If you forget, Blogger will be a little clueless recall anything seh blogspot developments in the 2010 to 2011 is now some are already specifically in the post previously:

1. Template Designer
Last year bloggers launched a feature that allows us to make customization to our template features a WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) through the dashboard of our accounts. But unfortunately this feature is less than the maximum I think because we can not use this feature for all templates is only a few bloggers have the standard default template we can edit it using the template designer.

2. Web Fonts
Blogspot is also launching this feature, but honestly I've never been to add new fonts into this blog but its already provided, he.Alasannya as point number 1.

3. Real Time Stats (Statistics Now Existing Jump On Blogspot)
Not to be outdone by wordpress which has long had an integrated feature in dashboardnya stats, blogspot also launched a feature 'Stats' last year. Although its still very standard and there is no menu for Menn track uniq visitors and also less precise calculation, pageviewnya think three times larger than the other stats such as Google Analitycs or Sitemeter

4. Spam Filtering (Setup Menu Comments New)
Now blogspot users more easily manage / view all the comments coming because of the management features that have been updated by a blogger since 2010. Previous management comments on blogspot I think is very severe. It also can automatically counteract blogspot various comments that are considered spam.

5. Stability
Have your blog has an error / hosting down kalaunya pake pal Cms self hosting in another?
It was never right, it is because since 2010 and Google (Blogspot) is committed to making the blogger "The Only Service With Zero Downtime Overall"

And, Blogger promises more changes for blogspot cool again in 2011, namely:

1. Simplified User Interface (Launch in July 2011 in

In 2011, Google will preach remodel display (interface) from blogspot to become more modern, does not seem out of date as it is now once again, he.
Something like two pictures below this is the later appearance (almost like wordpress I think) It is dominated by a calming color, white.

2. Mobile Display Blogspot

Display features a mobile version of the previous blogspot is still in beta stage in 2011 will probably be more perfect.
We'll wait.

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