Saturday, July 9, 2011

Google Panda Causing Domain Co.Cc Deindex

Google Panda

The new algorithm google is google panda proved to have considerable impact kick for some bloggers, ranging from his deindex domain., blogs are at the AGC deindex / suspend from a search engine, up to large sites such as and ezinearticle. com that was on the issue of the daily visitors has decreased quite dramatically. Even this blog was previously also had a decline in visitors, but now has come back again: D.

If I personally fortunately from the beginning was not interested in using the domain. this, because I think it's unprofessional. Google does deindex to the domain. without further ado, suddenly all is lost domain like a swallowed by the earth, whatever was on the minds of the google, so do that, I think a lot of why the number of sites / blogs are qualified to use domain.
Maybe this time domain is not in the index by google anymore, for some reason this goes on like no reason, but I think this is only temporary, it could be this was due to harsh rebuke to the blogs google using blackhat SEO . It could be that many users do research blackhat blackhat SEO it is using the domain., yes maybe considerations domain prices are cheaper than TLD.

Well instead of a headache thinking about the domain. who got deindex, it is better if you as the user domain. soon as possible to move all of your blog to a new TLD domains, do not be afraid you will lose your visitor, maybe you will initially be have a little visitor, but if you are really serious about taking care of your blog, then hope to get visitors who banyakpun not an impossible thing.

So my conclusion, do not be mourned deindex on the domain. you immediately move all the files, and start building backlinks is good, and start writing something useful for your blog regularly.
the number of blogs that deindex co cc

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