Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Tips For Gets $1k/month With Blogspot

Who could say no success with Blogspot.com

Ok, it's more or less the theme.

a little intro:
He told us that he was running a business Adsense Blog free use only, ie the facility from Google.com. But even so make no mistake, Monthly from one blog can sampe $ 1k. And just info he got more than a blogspot that generates a lot of money.

Okay Go to tips and tricks.

Tip One:

First of course make Blogspot by using names that we research in advance, for his research could use the Google External keyword (Free) or packing Market Samurai (Paid). Define and select a search KW 5k per month and above her .. The reason why should be above 5k? later on explain?

Tip Two:
To update the Content must and Compulsory 2 times a day (here I do not understand that more can not?) And made a fresh content and not the result Copas. Do this routine until 3 months.

Tip Three:
Do you backlinks for 3 months, let naturally Google will give backlinks for your blog.

Tip Four:
In the third month of love with Natural backlinks, more prefer pakei network of blogs or link quality, not just quantity. Anchor Text for the link he pretty pakei Main Keyword.

Tip Five:
He just said, if the fifth month there has been no mean 1k/day Traffic Failed, so it is up to the lanjutin what not. huh ... if I was tired too so 5 months of waiting but failed

Tip Six:
Do not install Traffic 1k Adsense before, let natural.

Tip Seven:
use a standard template from Blogspot, to minimize banned or suspended.

A: It means no capital then?
Q: If it can update itself means no capital, the only capital aja time. But thx Pake CW (content Writer) means the capital until month 5.

A: The source content from?
Q: Can of news sites or other rich guardian.co.uk

A: Why should find its KW are the search results above 3k?
Q: aja logical, if less than that much means do not expect to uv 1k/day.

A: So what if in 5 months have not been able to UV 1k/day?
Q: That means Failed, klo there had been the outcome, sale wrote sitenya so let me not lose.

A: Beuhhhh, very long bang?
Q: It's about Quality not Quantity, and in this way at least for a while our income can last for 3 years.

A: Now how many blogs have such things?
Q: There are 7, rata2 result is the same $ 1k/blog/month

A: That's his Adsense blog each equal or beda2? That every blog different or the same account?
Q: 1 Blog 1 Adsense Account. A blog a blog account (email lain2 means) let klo failure can be sold

A: After normal and UV 1k/day, how many posts per day kah?
Q: Whatever, the important updates that normal2 tetep wrote and quality, if you want it tetep routine 2 times per day.

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