Friday, August 5, 2011

15 Tips to Save Laptop Battery

Laptop Battery

Laptop will lose the practical value and efficiency if you should find a plug every time you want to use it for fear of running out of batteries. So how do you conserve battery life as long as possible? This practical ways:

1. Perform regular defrag
The faster your hard drive performance, the more efficient your battery, so make your hard drive as efficiently as possible by doing a defrag on a regular basis.

2. Reduce your monitor light
To conserve your battery energy, reduce light laptop monitor to the appropriate tolerance limits for your eyes.

3. Turn off unnecessary programs
Itunes, Desktop Search, and others. All of these programs increase the CPU load and battery. Shut down all programs that are not important if you're using a laptop with a battery.

4. Turn off the external hardware
Tools with USB (including your mouse) and WiFi, all suck your battery power. Unplug or disable them when not in use. Now you know that recharge your iPod in a laptop is a bad idea.

5. Add RAM
If you frequently use programs that require large memory, then this is way more efficient than using more virtual memory that imposes a hard drive so the laptop battery is also wasteful.

6. Use a hard drive instead of CD / DVD
Although the hard drive spends a lot of battery power, but CDs and DVDs to spend more energy again, even when they are not being used. Wherever possible use a virtual drive program like Alcohol 120%.

7. Keep the battery clean.
Clean energy-iron into the battery by connecting a laptop on a regular basis, so that the transfer of energy from your battery more efficient.

8. Keep the battery condition.
Not good to let the battery fully charged in a state of dormancy for long periods of time. Once completed, you should use the battery at least once in 2-3 weeks. One thing to remember, if your laptop battery Li-On then never use it until it is completely discharged.

9. Select hibernate, do not standby
Although the standby mode to save battery life and you can immediately use your laptop at anytime, but the hibernate function can save a lot more energy because this function is completely shut down your laptop.

10. Keep the temperature of your laptop.
Your laptop to function more efficiently if the temperature is cooler. Clean air vents with a soft cloth or keyboard cleaner.

11. Set 'power options' in order to optimally
Select the 'Power Options' in your control panel and adjust so that laptop remains optimal energy use (choose? Ax battery? For maximum effect).

12. Avoid multitasking
Do something in one by one if you're using a laptop with a battery. Do not work with multitasking if you really want to conserve your battery.

13. Reduce the load on your CPU.
Activities such as email and word processing a small burden for a laptop CPU, uses less battery power than running a game or watching a DVD. So choose your priorities wisely.

14. Reduce the load on the graphics
You can do this by changing your screen resolution and turn off the graphics driver is not required. Graphics card or video card is the same as the hard disk borosnya in energy spent batteries.

15. Buy a new laptop
Of course this is the easiest way if you have the budget. Technology more efficient laptop that has reached a point where even the producers have now dared to promise a battery that can hold a full day.

Bonus Tip: In case the battery is full enough, you should turn off the autosave function when using MS Word or Excel because they can add an unnecessary burden on your hard drive. And conversely when your laptop battery is running low, you should activate the autosave function because you'll never know when your laptop battery is completely discharged. And when that happens, of course you do not want to lose your job instead?

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