Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Download Dolphin Browser 5.1

Download Dolphin Browser


Taste of the latest HD Dolphin Browser is now available and ready to be downloaded at any time via the Android Market. Dolphin browser apps that carries the newest version 5.1 comes after a long series of Dolphin HD v5.0 beta release expires.

The presence of the new version is nothing to improve and refine the Dolphin HD v5.0 beta application that was previously exposed to issues related to loading page and other aspects of web browsing on mobile phones.
As stated above, the latest v5.1 Dolphin HD is more intended to fix issues related to problems with the loading page, and the many bugs found in previous final release.

In the changelog shows that the following bugs have been fixed among other things:

     Some unforeseen problems
     Problem selecting text on multiple devices
     Unable to double-tap to zoom in mobile mode on some devices
     Unable to save the image on the Droid Incredible
     Can not view some sites on some devices desktop
     Elimination of cookies / history does not run as represented properly after exiting (exit) on some devices
     Unable to set the page "about: blank" as homepage
     Several other small bugs.

In addition, the browser latest v5.1 Dolphin HD is carrying a series of other additional features as well, including the possibility to erase the cache phones when selecting the "Cache to SD". Other changes also include the ability to return to their original application through an emphasis upon clearing the browser's Back button of an external link.

Coupled with the change of category of the "Set home page" on the "Dolphin Settings" instead of "Data storage settings".

It turns mobile browsers still have issues with synchronization Bookmark with Xmark. And it involves the Xmarks alone in this.

Download: Dolphin Browser

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