Monday, August 1, 2011

Haswell Intel Successor Ivybridge

Haswell Intel

Information about upcoming products from Intel revealed on the internet. Sweclocker, parties who leaked the information that is currently working on an Intel processor that has a code Haswell, who is scheduled to be issued in 2013.

These processors will not only improve the quality of the performance of its predecessors. Intel has also added quality graphics on this processor. SweClockers suspect, the processor will be used to support Direct X 11.1 API that has not been released by Intel
Out of nowhere SweClocker had been informed, but they certainly have a slide titled "GFX processor entry-level workstation certification roadmap."

In addition there is information on plans related intel onboard GPU-ivy bride and Haswell, this document also mentions the next generation will use Direct X 11.1. Haswell is the code that used Intel's plan to replace Ivy bridge in 2013.

Making Haswell will use a manufacturing process of Tri-Gate 22 nm, but the chip will further distance when compared to traditional CPU designs. With this method, it will generate a total power consumption levels are lower which will boost the durability of batteries.

Besides integrating graphics core and the core processing will improve performance when compared with the current CPU design. However, detailed info about the architecture used is still unclear. But clearly Chip Haswell server will first be released in Q1 2014.

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