Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Download Theme Windows 7 Ferrari

Before I was sharing about the windows 8 which in fact will come out in mid 2012. Now I will be sharing on windows too, tepapi is to beautify the computer you use. Windows 7 Theme Ferrari, Ferrari contains 9 wallpapers are cool nice and charming. Ferrari Wallpaper Ferrari car consists of several colored Red, Black, Silver and Blue. By default wallpaper will be changed every 10 minutes. However, you can change the wallpaper tesebut turnover time in accordance with your wishes. You are interested with this theme?

Ferrari Theme Windows 7 will also change the Windows becomes red. Similar to the color red Ferrari. Unfortunately, theme windows 7 does not include a screensaver. But if you happen to have a screensaver or want to add a screensaver, you can do it through the window personalize.

Create all of you who want to download the Windows 7 Theme Ferrari click here.
Hopefully useful for my friends to try it all and congratulations to the new windows display.

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