Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Download RegTick Pro Tool Regedit

There is someone going to ask about the rectification regedit,
Febi said: "In my house there is a PC but the system control panel is missing for some reason.
After reading, he must enter regedit. Does this software can bring back the system control panel was missing? and a few other settings?"

To fix the registry settings manually infected with the virus, possibly / sometimes can say difficult.
Where you should be staring at so many a dizzying array regedit.

But if you use this tool is windows registry tweak tool regedit affairs can be very easy. All you need do is click click and then click Apply, the settings will suit you want.

Its very interesting freeware for you make a light but sharp weapon. Save in your flash because the size is very small.

Here are a few looks:

And other display also

You can download it here: 

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