Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Download RegistryBooster 2011 5.0.17 Full Crack

RegistryBooster 2011 5.0.17

RegistryBooster 2011 is a useful tool that will scan your PC for harmful programs and registry errors.
A slow computer can be incredibly annoying to deal with. The causes can be varied, but RegistryBooster 2011 will help ensure that your registry isn't to blame for any sluggishness. Since they're just large databases, registries are highly susceptible to getting out of hand and, over time, becoming disorganized and inefficient. RegistryBooster 2011 aims to reorganize, fix and generally optimize your registry to help make your computer faster in the long run.
RegistryBooster 2011's interface is intuitive and easy to navigate, even if you've never used this type of program before. The main feature is the registry scan button, which will perform a search for problem areas that is quite quick. You will then receive a summary of its findings and can fix whatever is wrong. Unfortunately, the trial version limits you to fixing just 15 problems, but at it least gives you an overview about the registry's current status.

RegistryBooster 2011 allows users who have more of a technical background to configure their own ignore lists. It's also possible to check repair logs and keep track of all the changes applied to the system. Additionally, a backup is automatically created with copies of the registry so that you can restore it to its original state if you need to. Unfortunately, RegistryBooster 2011's configuration options don't go much beyond that.

Although its settings menu is limited, RegistryBooster 2011 is useful for identifying registry errors on your PC.
  • Scan is quite fast
  • Clear and easy to understand
  • Automatic registry backups
  • Almost no configuration options
  •  Help manual only available from website
Download: here

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