Monday, October 10, 2011

Commiserate! Apple founder Steve Jobs has Died at Age 56 Years

Apple founder Steve Jobs has Died at Age 56 Years

Apple on Wednesday to inform that the former CEO and founder of Apple is Steve Jobs has died at age 56. No cause of death information, although the disease is to follow his heart transplant is believed to be the cause. Brief statement of the board of directors, including the official memorial page, expressed condolences from the Apple company and a brief comment on its impact.
You can see Steve Jobs at the memorial page link:

"We are very sad to announce that Steve Jobs died today," said Apple. "Steve's brilliance, passion and energy is the source of countless innovations that enrich and enhance all our worldly life is immeasurably better because Steve .. Greatest love was for his wife, Lorene, and their families. Our hearts go out with them and all who are touched by the incredible talents. "

Jobs has resigned from the company in late August 2011 yesterday.

This loss is probably one of the largest technology industry for some time now. Although Microsoft's master computer industry, Apple also contribute much defines the modern concept of mouse-based computer, the Macintosh visual pc in 1984.

Many consider the return of Steve Jobs to the company in 1997, its first temporary and then permanent, has become one of history's second-largest in the industry. He helped Apple produce products with exceptional design with a product the iMac in 1998. Jobs may have twisted the entire music industry by popularizing digital music through the iPod and the iTunes Store.

Smartphone is believed to have swung towards the era of touch, media playback, and applications thanks to the success of the iPhone. IPad, arguably the last major breakthrough, not only brings back the concept of tablet computers, but also ushered in the so-called era of "post-PC", in which the mobile device a simple, non-traditional that changed how people can use computing devices and connected online with ease.

Jobs are never criticized for his style is too authoritative. Jobs defenders, however, is a committee-style approach to avoid-and shareholder-driven that sometimes just to mess up. Apple has often praised for having a clear vision of where to go directly where many other companies merely reactive, often brought on Apple's innovation.

Without Jobs and Apple cofounder Steve Wozniak is, then there is no iMac, iPod, iPhone, iPad, or products and other interesting gadgets inspired by Apple.

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